Lunch Special

Lunch Special and Good Nutrition


     With a great many items to choose from on the menu, we are sure there will be something that catches your eye. Our customer favorite is our cheeseburgers, but we also offer some healthy choices as well.

      Is Good Nutrition for Golfers Necessary? Golf is just like any other sport. To maximize your performance you must be in top condition, and a good diet is an important aspect of this. Eating the right foods is important for golfers to provide the energy to fuel your body during training and games, and for recovery afterwards. This is particularly important for those training and playing long hours on most days. Another major nutritional crisis for many golfers is extra body weight. Despite the success of some overweight professional golfers, excess body fat is only a hindrance.

Not only does the excess body weight add stress to the muscles and bones of the body as you play, the stress on your heart is potentially life threatening. Excess fat around the body can also hinder your golf technique, making it more difficult to produce correct technique, and the fatigue from carrying the extra weight can reduce your training time, affect concentration and add distractions to your game. As you can see, it is advantageous in many ways to lose weight..

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