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      Give us a call to reserve a date for an outing. We will work with you from that point to plan your event. We will plan the food and the golf. We can even promote your event on our facebook page at your request.

      The golf course is recognized as a great place for developing strong friendships and working relationships while having some fun; and a golf outing might be the perfect choice for your next charity fund-raiser, corporate event, or family reunion. We’we seen a lot of golf outings held at Lochmor Golf Course with many satisfied hosts and attendees. We’we learned a thing or two along the way about planning a successful golf outing and would like to pass this knowledge along to you..

Golf outings are not the “new kid on the block” on the fund raising circuit however the earning potential from these events should not be overlooked for many organizations. Late Spring and early Fall are the most popular times of year to host a golf outing in the North East region. Supporters of charities will happily donate to the cause for a beautiful day out of the office and on the golf course! Careful planning is required so that your event will go off without a hitch. Organizations relying on volunteer committees to plan their event appreciate the services of Mike Decker who handles all the logistical details of your event at Lochmor. There are many decisions you’all make as you plan your outing so here are some tips from staff to help you plan a successful, enjoyable event:

Early in the planning stages you will want to decide what format your tournament will follow. There are many tournament format options but two of the most popular are the “Scramble” and “Low Gross Low Net”. At a typical golf outing, many of the participants are casual golfers who only play occasionally. The challenge then becomes finding the right tournament format, which allows the casual golfer to enjoy the day without becoming frustrated by too many poor shots. The scramble format solves this challenge. How does a scramble work?.


One possibility is to organize an event and have all of the participants meet at a location near you.  A charted coach bus could bring your group to the course and return you to your local area without the need to worry about driving.  This is a fairly common practice.  It allows for collections such as 50/50 raffles on the way to the event, just another way to raise money and increase interest for the guests.  Also, being transported to a local area, some guests can make arrangements to have a driver both drop them off and pick them up from a closer more convenient location.

Also, Resort World Catskill is only a few miles away, and they offer great incentives for groups to visit the casino.  Incentives like $25 free play and other options are common.  Best to talk with the casino on their specific incentives .

A day of golf, followed by a night at the casino… All without having to drive.  What’s not to like about it?

The Numbers

This blurb will give you an idea of the typical tournament and the ways to raise money.  We say “typical” because each event has its own identity.

With a starting price of $49 per golfer, which includes golf, a cart, tournament scoring and food after the event, it leaves a lot of room for a charitable donation to be collected.

Let’s use the $49 per golfer as a starting point.  Let’s say the Charitable organization pays the course $49 per golfer, which includes all golf and food.  Let’s also use the number of 100 golfers to make the numbers easy.

At 100 golfers, an event can charge $75 per golf (which is a great deal compared to other venues.)  At 100 golfers, the tournament revenue is already at $2,600.

Then lets add in the other fun events like putting contest and raffle prizes.  If a $5 putting contest was held, and lets assume 60 golfers participate, that’s an additional $300 into the charity coffer.

Prizes:  Most tournaments have a prize drawing at the awards dinner.  Let’s again assume that 100 golfers enter the event.  Also assume each golfer will but $10 worth of raffle tickets (some may not purchase tickets while other may buy $20 worth.)  Assuming you would have $1,000 additional funds coming from a prize drawing, it is suggested to purchase between $600 and $700 worth of prizes.  The more prizes, the more motivation to buy tickets, and also the better word of mouth around town if you plan to hold an annual tournament.  All in all, you can add another roughly $300 to the Charitable collection.

Donations from local businesses:  It is common for charitable event holders to solicit “tee Sponsors.”  Tee Sponsors can either be businesses who work closely with organizations, or local businesses that want to show support for the Charity.  Tee sponsors can be a great way to raise money.  Let’s say each tee sponsorship is $100.  A sign would be printed and displayed on the tee recognizing the business that sponsored the hole.  Lets say it cost $25 to print a sign.  That’s an additional $1,350 in funds collected.

There are many other ways to raise money from a golf tournament, this is just an average of the averages.  But as you can see we have shown where you can easily raise $4,550 for your cause, while advertising your brand and also having like minded people enjoy a day together.

We will assist you during the planning and on site during the event to make your day the best it can be.  Please call Mike @ (845) 435-1257.

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Packages include:

  • Starting at $49 per person
  • Tournament scoring and format
  • Food and beverage on course
  • fundraising at the turn (putting contest)
  • Prize packages available
  • Awards dinner
  • Raffles and drawings
  • Professional help organizing and running the event
  • Helpful tips to make your event one that will be attended year after year.

Call Today (845) 434-1257

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